Junior Industry Challenge

View the online movie which the children created to convey the Junior Industry Challenge journey. The video can be viewed by following the link - Junior Industry Challenge Movie.

Great scenes this week as the Primary 5, 6 and 7 children receive the top award in recognition of their enterprise and venture. Junior Industry Challenge Gold Award

The children began to work on this project four months ago. A project in conjunction with Sentinus called the Junior Industry Challenge. Sentinus encourages schools and colleges throughout Northern Ireland to deliver programmes which promote engagement in Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathmatics (STEM) and support the development of young people by enhancing their essential life skills.

The Primary five, six and seven children together with their teachers visited 2 local industries, R.T.D Crawford Ltd in Lisbellaw and Sheridan and Sons in Enniskillen to help them become familiar with the workings of a thriving business. Thanks to both businesses for accommodating and providing such educational visits.

One of the overall aims of the project was to create a small enterprise, design and make a product with a specific purpose and sell the product to make a profit.

Our topic was called: ‘Invention and Ingenuity’.

The children made a wooden photo frame, a wooden game before then designing a product of their own.

Children carried out market research by creating a questionnaire on ‘Fronter’ (fronter is a virtual learning environment) to which they got their parents to respond and vote on the product they would like best. Research concluded that the children would make a cup coaster. Orders were taken and money paid, production of 169 wooden cup coasters began!

A journey to include, creating a business name, ‘Tattygar Terrific Timbers’ with an exciting company motto of “You’ve tried the REST, now go with the BEST”. All decisions were made by the children voting.

Children were full participants in all aspects of the project to include: designing, cutting, sanding, painting and finishing of the product. They carried out investigations and experiments to inform decision making to ensure the creation of a product of optimum quality and purpose.

Mrs Kelly and Miss McGarrigle (teachers) worked together on the project. They said, “Working with wood was a new experience for the children, one which the children whole-heartedly engaged, to their dedication and credit they developed their idea into an innovative and profitable business.”

When the Sentinus Inspector visited the school to view the project in its entirety to include an Imovie, powerpoint, presentation and question and answering session, all by the children, scenes of elation were to be witnessed when it was announced that Tattygar Primary School had received the GOLD award.

Miss McGarrigle reported, “The children were absolutely delighted, the smile on every child and adults face was truly admirable”. Children are now invited to participate in the final which take places on the 13th of June, with an opportunity to display their project.

The inspector, Dominic McCartan commented on the “outstanding quality of the product produced, the evident team work which it involved and the splendid presentation, confidence and knowledge of the children in relation to their project.”

Mr Prunty said, “To see the enthusiasm, educational benefit and cross-curricular approach of this project is fascinating. We are delighted to have received this award, an award which is attributed to the commitment and dedication of our children, staff and parents. Congratulations to everyone involved”.